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Aragem Oil in the kitchen of rte. Sant Pau in Tokyo, Japan.


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We arae in Spanish Pavilion / Brand Launching

Aragem oil will be used in the kitchen of Rte. Sant Pau of Tokyo's famous chef Carme Ruscalleda worldwide.
Carme Ruscalleda is a Catalan chef owner St. Paul's Restaurant Sant Pol de Mar and Sant Pau restaurant in Tokyo (Japan). The Catalan restaurant has three Michelin stars at work in the kitchen and the restaurant recently opened in Japan has already obtained two.

One of the most innovative cuisine and has become the first Catalan chef to achieve three Michelin stars. Self and edgy, but always close to the Catalan culinary tradition. Born in a family farmer and merchant, he studied commerce and trade, he joined the family business of charcuterie, which included a section takeaway that she cooked. In 1988 [1] opened with her husband, Toni Balam Restaurant Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar, the restaurant in 2004 in Tokyo, which has two Michelin stars. The cuisine is mainly based on traditional Catalan cuisine, which contributes to a twist or original, is noteworthy for its fish dishes.


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